Serving the Community

Todd has worked in Toronto for nearly two decades, fighting for change for the community and the country.

Current Leadership:

Senior management team at Casey House

  • Bringing hope and healing into the lives of hundreds of people living with HIV/AIDS who rely on Casey House for support every day.
  • The first dedicated HIV/AIDS facility in Canada, and one of the first in the world.

Toronto and York Region Métis Council - Chair

  • Increasing the visibility and accessibility of Métis culture and community in Toronto and York Region.
  • Representing Metis Citizens who live within Toronto and York Region.
  • Part of the Métis Nation of Ontario

Toronto Atmospheric Fund - Chair

  • Sparking action on climate, air pollution and energy use in Toronto.
  • $51 million invested by TAF since inception.
  • $55 million city energy bill savings from 4 TAF investments.

Toronto Candlelight AIDS Vigil - Co Chair

  • A community memorial event held annually to honour, remember and celebrate the lives of people who have died of AIDS, and to recognize and honour those affected by and living with HIV/AIDS.

Wellesley Central Residences - Chair Emeritus

  • A partnership with Woodgreen Community Services and Fife House
  • Toronto’s first affordable housing complex designed to accommodate both seniors in need of moderate assistance and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Ontario Liberal Party - Regional Vice President, Toronto

  • Member of the executive council of the Ontario Liberal Party with specific responsibility for the Toronto region.

Rainbow Railroad - Founding Member & Director

  • An organization dedicated to ensuring reasonable routes of escape and safe haven for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) people from state authorized, enabled or tolerated violence, murder or persecution.  

Keep the Promise, June Callwood Coalition Against Child Poverty - Steering Committee Member

  • A two-year campaign to reignite the commitment of Canadians and Government to end child poverty for good. 
  • A non-partisan coalition concerned about the unacceptably high levels of child and family poverty in Canada.

Canadian Human Rights Voice - National Spokesperson & Director

  • An organization committed to the betterment of life for the millions of civilians around the world that suffer under human rights violations. 

Aboriginal Peoples Commission (Ontario), Liberal Party of Canada - Toronto Representative 

  • Representing and promoting the interests of Aboriginal members of the Liberal Party in Toronto
  • Encouraging the active and equitable participation of Aboriginal people at all levels of the Party structure.

Toronto HIV/AIDS Network - Steering Committee

  • Facilitating HIV/AIDS planning, collaboration and innovation to improve access to programs and services for people from diverse communities living with, affected by and at risk of HIV/AIDS.


Serving the Community - Past Involvement:

Climate Project Canada - Certified Presenter

  • A non-profit organization established by the Honorable Al Gore dedicated to educating and raising awareness to the public on climate change in Canada

Friends For Life Bike Rally - Co Chair

  • The largest fundraising source for the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation - A 6 day cycling event from Toronto to Montreal with close to 450 participants that now raises over a million dollars a year for direct services for people living with HIV.

Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto - Board Member

  • a progressive diverse community of faith 
  • a safe haven for those rejected by other religious communities

St Jude Community Homes - Vice Chair 

  • Permanent, affordable housing in a community setting.
  • For single adults with a chronic psychiatric disability who are able to live independently. 

Better Ballots - Member

  • Facilitated a city-wide dialogue to explore fourteen possible reforms for more engagement in local elections in Toronto.
  • An initiative of the Emerging Leaders Network of the Toronto City Summit Alliance.

Gala Committee, Egale CanadaHuman Rights Trust

  • Advancing equality, diversity, education, and justice.


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